Terry J. Price, PhD


Welcome to Terry Price's Professional Page

I am a highly experienced professional with a focus on molten salt reactors and related technologies. While I am not currently offering consulting services, I welcome collaborative opportunities and discussions on my fields of expertise.

About Me

With a strong background in nuclear science and engineering, my work has largely focused on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by molten salt reactor technology. From the intricate dynamics of gas behavior in these systems to the complexities of xenon transfer, my work contributes significantly to the understanding and development of this promising field.


My experience spans numerous projects and academic collaborations, with a particular focus on molten salt reactor technology. Key projects include:

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Throughout my career, I've published a variety of research papers, notably in the field of molten salt reactors. A selection of my work includes:

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Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page. I'm always open to discuss my research and potential collaborative opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you!