T. Price Technical Services

Technical Services

Dr. Terry J. Price is your trusted partner for an array of specialized technical services, offering bespoke solutions to meet your specific research and business needs. With a deep expertise in molten salt physics, advanced nuclear reactor modeling, safety analysis, technical review services, and much more, Dr. Price's skillset is both wide-ranging and deep.

His services stand on the pillars of rigorous modeling, hands-on experimentation, and a commitment to safety, efficiency, and informed decision-making. Whether you need advanced CFD and finite element analysis, circuit and mechatronic system design, high vacuum system design, or research management, Dr. Price is equipped to handle it all.

Explore the Technical Services Page to discover how these services can propel your business or research endeavors forward. Dr. Price is not just a problem solver, but a partner who is ready to face and overcome your most challenging issues. Contact Us Today for a complimentary consultation and embark on a journey towards innovative solutions and success.

Innovations in Science and Technology

Dr. Terry J. Price's work ranges across a variety of scientific and technological fields, from pioneering studies on molten salt reactors and gas dynamics, to cutting-edge developments in computer vision and beacon localization. His projects often employ advanced methodologies and innovative tools, demonstrating a deep understanding of the technical challenges and the creativity needed to overcome them. Detailed descriptions of these remarkable projects, which highlight Dr. Price's contributions to scientific progress and technological innovation, can be found in the Project Portfolio.

The Publications Page highlights Dr. Terry J. Price's impressive body of research in his various fields of interest, including Molten Salt Reactors, Gas Transport, Radon Deposition and Contamination, among others. This collection includes research articles and conference proceedings that represent his significant contributions to these areas of study. Each publication is a testament to the innovative and impactful work that Dr. Price has undertaken. Visit the Publications page to delve into the depth and breadth of his research.

Collaboration and Contact

Are you in need of expert advice or assistance with a challenging project? My extensive problem-solving capabilities, along with a broad network of seasoned professionals, can support a wide range of research needs. Whether it's a complex engineering task, an intriguing scientific question, or an educational hurdle, I'm ready to provide the necessary expertise to help you succeed.

I'm continually seeking engaging new projects and collaborations, so please don't hesitate to connect. Let's discuss how my skills and network can contribute to your goals. Contact Me today to start the conversation.